Jumat, 18 Maret 2011

Specifications Ponsel Andriod IMO X2

Specifications Ponsel Andriod IMO X2. IMO re-launch of new products based on Android with candybar model and capacitive touch screen IMO X2, after previously issuing Android phone IMO S900. With similar design and the Blackberry Storm have a trackball navigation. IMO X2 Android phone equipped with Wifi and GPS, google maps, Bluetooth and 2MP camera.

Specifications Mobile Andriod IMO X2:
- Dimensions: 6 × 11:25 × 1:42 cm
- Weight: 124g
- Screen: TFT, Capacitive touchscreen, 3.2-inch (4:3), 480 × 320, 262K
- Camera: CMOS, Mega 2.0Mega/3.2
- Internal memory: NAND Flash – 256 MB DDRAM – 128MB, 80 MB available
- External Memory: Micro SD, 8GB maximum
- Data transfer: GPRS Class 12
- Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi
- OS: Android;
- Other Features: Hardware Platform – Marvell 300, GPS, FM Radio, gravity sensor, U Disk
- Battery: Lithium-ion 1400mAh
For those of you who are interested with this Specifications ponsel Android IMO X2 at a price of Rp 1.600.000, -. There is also a Micro SD slot to add memory capacity of this phone. For Android operating system is not clear which version is used, it seems still Cupcake Android 1.5.

IMO S900, Mobile Local OS Android

The more rapid the current communication technology makes PT Content Indomedia poured trying to keep sophisticated phones. The latest is IMO S900 phone equipped with Open Source operating system Google, Android. IMO S900 practically as local phone daring to play in the market that has not seen clearly. The reason is the presence of Android itself can not be predicted in Indonesia.

"We chose Android consideration because by 2012, Android market trends quite well. At this year's estimated global Android will move into second position, with a mastery of approximately 30 percent market share, still below the 39 percent of Symbian. Now, in the global marketplace , Android is still ranked 7th with 2.7 percent market domination, "said President Director of PT Pratama Sarwo Content Indomedia Wargono, during the launch which took place today, Wednesday (18/11/2009) at Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta. At first glance, this phone like the Blackberry Storm and brought together a sensitive TFT screen touch, without any numeric keypad. Android performance IMO carried S900 also assisted with Samsung S3C2448 processor.

Meanwhile, ROM and RAM capacity on IMO S900, each measuring 128 MB, which is capable of supporting advanced features in it such as Google's online applications, Twitter and a variety of instant messaging, from Yahoo, MSN, Google Talk, and ICQ. IMO S900-aplikas also supports mobile applications for business people, good facilities pushmail, seer document (document viewer), or PDF. All Android sophisticated technology and features that pinned in the S900 IMO worth Rp2, 4 million. In addition, the content on the IMO S900 can also be enriched through the help of IM2. Through the application IM2 owned by iPay, IMO S900 users can buy the app and content in the paid Android application store.

Network: Dual Band GSM
Dimensions: 5.9 x10, 8x1, 46
Weight: 116 grams
Screen: 2.9 inch, TFT touchscreen
Video: 15 fps
Data: GPRS Class 10
Ext Memory: microSD (TransFlash)
Connection: wifi, bluetooth, USB
Multimedia: MP3 player, 2MP camera, pushmail,
Battery: Li-Ion 1200 mAh (srn)